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OFFICE HOURS:  Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm 
Please Note:  Closed on public and school holidays

Occasional Childcare – Take A Break (TAB)

Dromana Community House provides a flexible Occasional Care service, known as Take-A-Break, which provides respite for parents/guardians of mobile (walking) pre-primary aged children, enabling them to participate in a range of activities including recreational classes, housework, shopping, social events and voluntary community activities.
Take-A-Break at Dromana Community House is classified under the Children’s Services Regulations 2009 as a Limited hours Type 2 service. This means we are a registered center at which no child may be cared for, educated or minded for more than 5 hours per day and no more than 15 hours per week.
Take-A-Break at Dromana Community House is a warm, friendly and secure environment where your child/ren is cared for by one of our Team Leaders - Claddgha and Tara, their assistants, Erin Emily and Gayle and our volunteers. This service is licensed for a maximum of 16 children per session, however as we operate on 1:5 staff/child ratio – the maximum number of children we can accommodate is 15.
Our program (which is displayed in the TAB room) is aimed at specific developmental stages and during a session your children will take part in age-appropriate craft activities, enjoy songs, stories, puzzles and games. Outside activities include sand and water play, bike riding and ball games. Please note that demand for childcare places is very high and you may experience a delay before a place can be offered to your child. It is worth adding young children (under 18 months) to our waiting list to improve the likelihood that a place will be available when they are old enough to attend.
For more information about childcare you can download our Parent Information Booklet or phone the Dromana Community House office on 5987 2631.


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